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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The seminal book on 'User-Generated' Media

JD Lasica's DarkNet is one of the most profound pieces of journalism I've ever read. When I first discovered it I thought it was going to be another polemic on how Hollywood is choking off new creative voices and generally wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting, zoned-out public (which has been written about extensively). What I discovered was a keenly observed, well written, and compelling look at how low-cost, high powered desktop publishing tools and zero cost of distribution are going to change the media landscape in profound ways.

For anyone interested in what is the media world is going to look like in the in the very near future, DarkNet is a must read. JD also blogs like crazy (New Media Musings and DarkNet), and when he's not sleeping also manages to time to run a very cool service called OurMedia.


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