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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It's Google's world and we just live in it...

I'm hardly surprised that Google is going after the radio advertising business. However, what Greg Smith, EVP with Carat Fusion, a unit of the Aegis Group, says in this NY Times article strikes me as prescient. "Google's vision that they can rationalize what is an irrational industry - because it is based on consumer irrational responses - is a lovely dream...But I don't think the world is up to it." Sure, Google is taking over the world but somehow I just can't help but wanna short their stock. Henry Blodget talks about a potential Google implosion.

As usual, the guy who nailed this is John Battelle. For all things Google, he's the man, and for a seminal book on the history and soon-to-be-future of "search" definitely read his book. Incredibly well researched and observed.


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