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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The ersatz Oprah recommends Radical Evolution

While I'm not going to drive sales like Oprah, I did just finish a book about '...the promise and peril of enhancing our minds, our bodies - and what it means to be human...' Sounds a little ominous, for sure, but Radical Evolution by Joel Garreau lays out in compelling prose that we are at an inflection point in human history, one where our society is engineering the next stage of evolution through advances in genetics, robotics, and nanotechnologies.

While technology is pulling at the seams of the media business, it's child's play compared to how it is going to alter our bodies, ourselves.

Who the hell knows if that's a good thing or not but Garreau lays out a couple of scenarios - aptly called Heaven or Hell. Basically, our lives hang in the balance and technology is either going to destroy us (in a particularly grim fashion I might add) or, perhaps, we may find the wisdom to save ourselves and preserve that most human part of us - our compassion and decency, indeed, our very souls.


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